Giuseppa Sallustio Photography and Artisan Home Decor
Giuseppa Sallustio Photography and Artisan Home Decor

Welcome! Giuseppa Sallustio® Photography and Artisan Home Decor is a small Italian artisan online boutique, where to find ceramics, natural fabrics and artisan embroidery, design, art, nature, photography and prints, to dress your home with elegance and style.

The developing concept, which gives life impulse to both the collections of ceramics and textiles, available by Giuseppa Sallustio’s boutique, draws inspiration from nature. Each piece aims at becoming genuine expression of that bond of infinite love for Mother Earth. Ceramics and textiles, present by Giuseppa Sallustio’s boutique, can be a fabulous idea for a beautiful wedding gift, since their high quality, simplicity and elegance fit perfect with any kind of setting: romantic, modern, contemporary, classic, country, sea style. Besides, it is also possible to collect those sets of ceramics or textiles, which can become appreciated gifts for your family in any special occasion like Christmas or Easter time,  for example. You may dress your table for any special occasion, giving a touch of elegance to your important events and everyday life: the celebration of a new birth, for example, a party with friends, a romantic dinner or a cheerful brunch.

By Giuseppa Sallustio’s boutique you may choose among high quality cotton napkins, place mats and tablecloths for your kitchen and dining room, towels for your bathroom and you will find also beautiful warm hearts and slippers for your baby after the bath. All products are accurately hand made embroidered and made of natural fibers like cotton, linen, etc.

Giuseppa Sallustio has also thought about your bedroom and living room, where you may create your own soft atmosphere with small lamps to place by your reading corner or on your bedside tables and of course you may dress elegantly your bed with 100% high quality cotton and linen, fluffy pillows and precious linen coverings for quilts, warm piled blankets for your restful naps. In addition to this, Giuseppa Sallustio® provides a variety of textiles and colors among which you may choose to dress your home to measure according to your taste.

You are very welcome to visit Giuseppa Sallustio’s boutique and contact for any enquiry or if you wish to make your on line order. Giuseppa will be at hand to provide any kind of detail you need. Thank you.