A cosy view out there

Amalfi cotton paper cm 16 x cm 12 (500g/mg)

“The only prospect which is really desirable or delightful, is that from the window of the breakfast-room […] where we meet the first light of the dewy day, the first breath of the morning air, the first glance of gentle eyes; to which we descend in the very spring and elasticity of mental renovation and bodily energy, in the gathering up of our spirit for the new day, in the flush of our awakening from the darkness and the mystery of faint and inactive dreaming, in the resurrection from our daily grave, in the first tremulous sensation of the beauty of our being, in the most glorious perception of the lightning of our life; there, indeed, our expatiation of spirit, when it meets the pulse of outward sound and joy, the voice of bird and breeze and billow, does demand some power of liberty, some space for its going forth into the morning, some freedom of intercourse with the lovely and limitless energy of creature and creation.”
― John Ruskin, The Poetry Of Architecture: Or, The Architecture Of The Nations Of Europe Considered In Its Association With Natural Scenery And National Character

Enjoy the weekend, everybody! <3

Amalfi cotton paper cm 16 x cm 12 (500g/mg)

Spring morning

Good morning from my studio. Wishing everybody a good day <3

May 1st

The fragrance of cherries in the fresh morning air of May 1st. Welcome!

Decor your Christmas table with a bouquet of red peppers.

Bouquet made of red peppers for the Christmas table
Bouquet made of red peppers for the Christmas table

   Christmas is in the air and we are thinking about welcoming family and friends in our homes, around the table, enjoying soft atmospheres, pleasant conversations and delicious food. At this proper, have you alreday thought about particular table decorations for the special occasion? Any detail can work to make a great success of your dinner or lunch with your guests. 
    Nature is always a fantastic source of inspiration and few, genuine elements can decor the table with simplicity  and elegance. During this third Advent, I enjoyed carving hearts of different sizes from pulpy red peppers. It took me only few minutes. Then, I made little sticks of carrot (about 4 cm each), in order to shape the pistil, and cut round discs of carrot. I used long toothpicks for fixing the hearts of sweet red pepper to a floral foam: a little carrot disc was to secure on the back side of the heart, while the little stick took place on the center of the right side of the heart. Indeed, as the work went on, the little hearts of red pepper looked like beautiful flowers of Anthuriums. I finished by adding different shades of green all around the bouquet, a couple of branches of Aquifoliaceae and fixed a candle in the middle of the decoration.    I hope you like the floral idea for your Christmas table and you will enjoy trying to make your own bouquet with sweet red peppers.