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Wishing you

Giuseppa Sallustio Photography & Artisan Home Decor®
Giuseppa Sallustio Photography & Artisan Home Decor®

Seize the day

Seize the day and color it like in a rainbow

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In my art studio

In my art studio

It’s the last of April and here I am in my art studio, surrounded by some of my works and new ideas in progress. Wishing a beautiful Sunday to everybody 💐

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On the Christmas set of the art studio

In the art studio this morning for a photography session of our beautiful lamps made of high quality white majolica ceramics and a blue ribbon as decoration. All lamps have handmade ironwork as holder and an elegant design.

  • Big Cup Ceramics Lamp
  • Small Flower Lamp
  • Tall Flower Lamp

Please, check for the Ceramics Category in the Art Studio to see more details about these beautiful lamps, their dimensions and prices. As always, we donate 10% of profits from sales to Unicef.

Thank you and enjoy your day.

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Around a small chocolate praline

From my photography archive

Once I took the chance to photograph a small chocolate delicacy, the one in the picture above and, before making the photography session, I wondered:

  • What ingredients are there in it?
  • How does it taste?
  • What is the process to make this small delicacy?
  • Is it an artisan or industrial product?

Here it is your chocolate praline. Is it inviting for a taste? Why? What is your opinion after having a taste of it?